Monday, March 31, 2014

Motherhood Realized

(Image of Amazon's "Look Inside."
I’m on the Launch Team for this fabulous new book: Motherhood Realized.
I received an advanced copy and have been reading its pages.  It is inspiring, uplifting, and heartfelt. A beautiful pep talk for mothers. I read this book, chapter by chapter, as little bits of inspiration throughout my day.  As mothers, we all get discouraged, second guess ourselves, and deal with guilt. This book shows the beauty of motherhood, celebrating all that we do, rejoicing in the beauty of our imperfect attempts and struggles. It encourages us to let go of the guilt, stress, and frustration. It celebrates the fact that we are enough and that what we do is enough.
Get a sample chapter from the book for FREE and watch a quick video by one of the authors at
Amazon just added the "Look Inside" feature to Motherhood Realized today! So if you've been wondering what this book is all about, click this link to go straight to Amazon and see why I love it so much.
Below are a few quotes from this amazing book.  Order it here. 

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