Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Upcycled Printer Drawer

This was so fun to work on.  I bought this drawer a few years ago and had it sitting around.  I tried to do a few things with it in orange and blue.  I was also originally planning to add some photos.  It sat on the wall like this for a couple years.

This time around I decided to use gold and pink and lots of black and white.  I decided not to add the photos and just do paper and embellishments.  I used some chipboard hearts, clocks, button flares, ampersand, wood veneers, and the chipboard letter "Ms" and the number "6s".  I cleaned out each pocket with wet wipes and I used double sided tape to adhere the paper to the drawer.  I then glued the embellishments to the paper. I'm excited with the way it turned out and also, I may be even more excited that it is now hanging on my wall, a completed project.

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