Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekly Art With Kids | Painted Pinwheel Canvas

This was such a fun project to do with the kids.  Its funny how it works, you have this idea, set it all up, and sometimes your kids go with it and sometimes they take all the supplies and make something completely different.  So, Karter did the pinwheel art and Isabelle did her own thing. 
Square Canvas
Craft Paint
Paper Plates
Paint Brushes
I just eyeballed it when I did the lines and then we just started painting.  Easy peasy.  My favorite way to do art.  Set up the supplies, have a simple idea, and play, create, and have fun.  Karter had Mr. Bear from his class home with him the day we made these.  He helped a lot. 

I tried to go with the caked on paint (for texture), gold, pinks, and blues.  It turned out interesting.  Not my favorite, but fun to do.  Just playing.

That's a wolf.  You may not want to accidentally mistake it for a cat.
Love the colors he chose.  He did a lot of mixing to create his color palate.
These are both hanging in their rooms now.  I'm trying to embrace the imperfection of my canvas and am thinking of adding it to the gallery wall I'm working on.  We shall see.

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