Monday, April 28, 2014

Playing With Paper | Pinwheel Tutorial

Before I share the tutorial for the circle mobile from my baby's room, I wanted to share a tutorial on making pinwheels.  I've seen this done in a variety of ways, but wanted to share the way that has worked best for me.  I also wanted to share the fun pinwheel wall in Isabelle's room.  Her room is coming along nicely.  I will be sharing more on that here soon.   
supplies | 3 6x12 sheets of paper, cardboard, glue gun, a paper scorer
 (I bought this one, it works great, and it is only $13 right now!)  

step 1 | score your paper
Score your sheets of cardstock in 1/2 inch increments.

step 2 | fold your scored paper

step 3 | glue together
Glue ends together to form a circle.

step 4 | flip to make pinwheel
Flip your glued circle into the pinwheel shape.  Cut the piece of the cardboard into a small square.  Glue pinwheel to the cardboard square to hold it in place.  This can be tricky.  I usually hold the pinwheel in shape, face down, and attach the square to the back and hold for 2-3 seconds.  Then I will flip it around and hold it back in its shape, pressing down on the glued section.  The hot glue gives you a little bit of time to move it into the correct shape.  Hold for 10-15 seconds. 
completed pinwheel

These were so much fun to make.  Just choose your favorite papers and sit down and fold and glue.  After a bit, you end up with a pretty pile of loveliness.

I wanted these for a wall in my daughter's room.  I tried attaching them with packing tape and they were all off the wall by the next morning.  I ended up using thumbtacks for the large pinwheels and pins for the small pinwheels and just poked them into the wall.  It worked and they are so pretty.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

In My Kitchen | Easter Week Addition

What a lovely time in my kitchen this last week, I had to join Heather again for her This Week In My Kitchen Blog Hop.   So fun to see what so many people are cooking up in their kitchens.  We had a busy week celebrating Easter.  We made Hawaiian Haystacks (I'll share in an upcoming 35 meals post) during the week, dipped our eggs in dye, arranged some mint and lilacs in mason jars, and had a yummy barbecue on Saturday with potato salad made with extra eggs and sweet pickles.  I thought I would include the recipe of our potato salad below.  It has such simple ingredients, but the extra eggs and pickles make it yummy.  We are a sweet pickle potato salad family.

We topped off the week with our traditional Sunday Easter dinner after church of ham loaves, twice baked potatoes, dinner rolls, and a kale & quinoa salad that Elise shared on her blog this week, so good.  I love my helpers, helping me make rolls, dying eggs, arranging flowers, setting, chopping, appreciating, and always keeping it lively.  This kitchen of mine, so full of life, noise, and the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Potato Salad

1/2 onion
4 celery stocks
8 medium size boiled potatoes
12 hard boiled eggs
12 sweet pickles
1/4 pickle juice
1 T mustard
1/2 c mayonnaise
1/2 c miracle whip
salt to taste

Finely chop the onion.  Chop the celery, potatoes, eggs, and pickles.  Toss them all in a large bowl, add the remaining ingredients, and mix together.  I watch the consistency of the salad when adding the mayo and miracle whip and may add more if the salad needs it.  We like it creamy.  Enjoy!  

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby's Room Details

I thought I would share some of the details of our baby's room. 

 embroidery yarn hoop | diy
 twig star | joanns
 pinnochio print | poster print by christian jackson 
(more of his work can be found here, love all of it)
 circle mobile | diy
 triangle garland | land of nod (similar)
grey knitted sweater | diy
pinnochio puzzle | world market
polka dot sheet | land of nod
wooden tool set | melissa & doug
apple | thrifted
curtains | fabric from joanns & sewn by my mom
twig wreath | dollar tree
dream tag | tai pan
yellow knobs | world market (similar)
dresser & dark knobs | steven's old dresser

circle canvas | diy
mirror | thrifted painted white
truck | gift
rocking horse | thrifted
basket | thrifted
orange owl | vintage (my old owl)
lamp | ikea
memory book | shutterfly
pinwheel garland | diy
triangle newspaper garland | diy
sweater | vintage (belonged to my brother)

I'm hoping to do some tutorials on a few of the diy projects.  I will post the tutorial for the circle mobile this coming week as part of a new series I'm launching.  All the shoes on the shelf are from various locations.  I'm also planning to do a separate most on the picture books that decorate his room.  Love all of these books.  Two of these titles can actually be found on my Spring Picture Book Post. I loved putting this room together, it is so sweet and peaceful, fun and happy.  Hope you enjoyed a little more info about how the room came together.

Monday, April 21, 2014



Oh, Easter, what a celebration you were.  We were able to focus on Christ most of the week by watching videos, reading scriptures, and discussing His last week.  We had a beautiful weekend spent enjoying a fun Easter Egg Hunt and barbecue on Saturday.  Sunday morning was spent at church where beautiful messages were shared, followed by a yummy dinner and a beautiful video and lesson shared with just our family here at home.  We tried to snap some photos before church.  We were able to get a few of the kids but Beckett was not wanting to cooperate.  Silly boy, he was very upset for 3.5 seconds, I just had to share the humor of a very unhappy baby.  Maybe I'll take him out this coming Sunday, he did look so handsome in his Sunday best and new Easter tie. 

What a lovely day it was. I truly felt such an appreciation for Christ, for what He did for me, for what He did for all of us.  What He did had not been done before and it changed the world.  Because of Him we can change, we can have hope, we can help others, we can have peace.  Happy Easter to all.