Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Spring Day Walk

We headed outside on a cloudy spring day.  It was the only day of the week that it was not suppose to rain.  My baby boy walking ahead, Karter following behind.  We pulled the large stroller out of the shop and strapped Beckett in and Karter climbed and squashed in beside him.  We started down the hill.  We walked and breathed in and out, we chatted and drunk in the warmer day, the leaves, the green grass.  We were headed to the grocery store, we love living so close.

We passed a lovely trail that led to a little park, we saw a school bus waiting to pick up little ones, we passed our neighbor's yards bursting with spring flowers.  Karter had to get out to push the button at the crosswalk.  We hurried through our purchases to make sure we would get back in time to catch the bus.  Tucking the bag of groceries in the back of the stroller, we headed out, and were quick enough in the store to enjoy the walk home.  After we dropped off my big boy at the bus stop, we headed back up to our house, slowly pushing Beckett up our hill.  When I took him out we both walked around the yard, both of us exploring, me taking photos.

I'm noticing I have lots and lots of photos of my baby boy.  I don't know what it is about this stage, this age, but this little guy gets a lot of camera time from this proud mama.  I think it is his smile.  He smiles like he knows, you know?  He smiles connection and love and silliness.  He smiles and it warms our days.

Finally we both headed inside, saying goodbye to the outside world, until next time.

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