Friday, April 4, 2014

A Winter Scarf

I purchased the yarn on our recent anniversary trip to Bend.  We started driving down and I realized I didn't have a project to work on.  I'm one of those people that loves to have a project to work on, especially on a relaxing trip with my husband away from home.  We celebrated our twelve years of marriage over the weekend with hikes, yummy food, bike rides, long walks and talks, and time spent together.  On our second evening there, my husband, who knows me well, sent me to the craft store to get some supplies, so I chose knitting.  I chose the colors, bulky yarn and big needles for a quick and easy scarf.  I knitted in front of the fire in our room while we talked and watched some shows, I knitted while we drove home, and finished up this scarf here at home. 

Oh, this scarf, I was going for big and bulky, warm and comforting.  Well, it is big.  I was going to get a couple photos of me wearing it, but this thing is ridiculously huge and I look a bit ridiculous with it around my neck.  I'm still deciding what I should do with it.  Can I make it work?  Can I make it into a cowl?  Is it too long or too wide?  Should I reknit it into something else?  I love the colors and the weight.  Right now it is sitting and waiting for me to decide.  Time will tell.

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