Monday, April 21, 2014



Oh, Easter, what a celebration you were.  We were able to focus on Christ most of the week by watching videos, reading scriptures, and discussing His last week.  We had a beautiful weekend spent enjoying a fun Easter Egg Hunt and barbecue on Saturday.  Sunday morning was spent at church where beautiful messages were shared, followed by a yummy dinner and a beautiful video and lesson shared with just our family here at home.  We tried to snap some photos before church.  We were able to get a few of the kids but Beckett was not wanting to cooperate.  Silly boy, he was very upset for 3.5 seconds, I just had to share the humor of a very unhappy baby.  Maybe I'll take him out this coming Sunday, he did look so handsome in his Sunday best and new Easter tie. 

What a lovely day it was. I truly felt such an appreciation for Christ, for what He did for me, for what He did for all of us.  What He did had not been done before and it changed the world.  Because of Him we can change, we can have hope, we can help others, we can have peace.  Happy Easter to all. 

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