Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Break In Utah

I thought I would share some photos from our Spring Break trip to Utah.  So nice to get away and visit family and friends.  We visited Preston Idaho and ate at Big J's Burgers from Napoleon Dynamite, still a favorite in this house.  We visited my brother and his family in their beautiful new home.  We were able to connect with old friend, play games, watch shows, go on walks, eat at Café Rio, enjoy some sunshine, and visit playgrounds.  It snowed for a couple of days while we were there, the kids loved that.  We had a girl's luncheon with cousins and my aunt that I haven't seen in years, so fun to connect with them.  We bought cheesy breadsticks at a local place and stocked up on handmade soap from a sweet lady who sells them out of her home.  We had a girl's day out where Grandma bough Miss Isabelle some lovely "high heel" shoes, tights, and gloves for her upcoming baptism day.

My parents took such great care of us.  My mom welcomed us into their lovely home with beds made, gifts on the pillows, and stew on the stove.  My mom, oh yes, she knows how to make you feel at home.  The week we were there, she made some yummy meals and watched our kids while Steve and I had a couple lunch dates out.  My dad shared the movie Frozen with the kids, they hadn't seen it yet, and probably watched it 4-5 times while we were there.  For this minimal TV watching family, that was a lot of screen time, and they loved every minute of it.  They have been quoting it nonstop this last week.  Thanks Mom and Dad for having us and for making it special, like you always do. 

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