Thursday, May 15, 2014

6 Steps for an Awesome Summer Series | Activities

Step 3 | Activities

This week is simple.  We are making a list of activities that the kids can do during their free time on those long, summer days.  Sometimes kids just need some help, figuring out what to do. You will notice that I don't have household work or summer school work on this list.  We have systems for both of these and they are required parts of our day.  In creating this list I'm focusing on the things they may be excited about choosing to do in their free time.

Here are a list of the activities I chose:
Computer Typing Site
Scout Activity
Faith in God Activity
Ride Bikes
Sprinkler or Waiting Pool
Play Dough
Exercise Video
Write a Letter
Listen to Book on Tape
Write and Illustrate a Book
Plan an Adventure
Write an Email
Do Job to Earn Extra Money
Computer Educational Website
Write Outside With Chalk
Play Four Square
Build and Outdoor Fort
Play in Treehouse
Swing on Rope Swing
Play in Teepee
Have a Picnic
Pick Veggies from the Garden
Collect Bugs
Have a Tea Party
Play with Toys
Play With Bubbles
Imagine an Adventure
Build an Indoor Fort
Create a Library, Restaurant, School, or Store.
Play any Sport
Watch and Play with Baby
Take Photos
Play Cops and Robbers
Sew or Knit

Use the activities above or reference it to create your own list.  Here are some things to think about while creating your list.

1.  Self Directed Activites
The activities on this list have to be things that the children can do on their own.  We are already coordinating crafts, food, chores, family outings, trips, etc.  If they want to do something that needs supervision or your help, explain to them that it has to be done at a different time, that this is the time when they are able to have fun on their own.

2.  Variety
I tried to give some variety to what was on our lists.  I'm sure all of our lists will be a bit different, depending on what resources we have and what our circumstances are.  I considered having a variety of activities that included elements of quietly sitting, creating, actively moving, playing outside, imagining, and helping.

3.  Make It Visible
I've framed my list and am planning to display it in a easy to view location in our home.  We will reference it throughout our free time when children need ideas of things to do.

4.  Prepare
Make sure you are prepared for each activity.  It is such a bummer for kids to see an activity on the list and find out that you don't have the supplies to do it.  For my list I need to make sure I have art supplies available, play dough, chalk, bubbles, exercise videos, sprinkler, the kiddie pool, and writing supplies available for use.  I also need to set the kids up with an email account (that has been on my list of to dos) and check out some educational websites.

Good luck creating your list of activities!

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