Thursday, May 29, 2014

6 Steps to an Awesome Summer Series | Work

Step 5 | Summer Work

Today we are talking about summer work, chores, jobs, whatever it may go by in your home.  I'm sure many of you have systems in place for chores and jobs, but I wanted to share what we do.  We have worked with this system for the last few years and it has worked well for us.

We keep our system easy and lose during the summer.  We do jobs every weekday and have a set time that we work on our jobs each day.  I have a stack of job cards and magnetic containers.  Each child has two magnetic containers, one labeled To Do and one labeled Done.  Each day I have the option to look through the cards and I usually add 4-6 cards to their To Do container.  When it is time to get our jobs done, my kids can look at their containers, grab their job cards, and complete them, returning the cards to the Done magnetic container.

I love the versatility of this system.  I can daily add the exact amount of cards I need to add.  If we have a busy day, I may just add 1-2 cards, if we need to dig in deep and clean, we may do 7-8 cards.  If we are interrupted during our work time, it is easy to come back and finish the cards that are left.  I like how my kids can see what they have accomplished, that they can hold the cards in their hands, and move them as they finish them.  It is also easy for me to see what has been done.

Work has been a great part of our summer.  During the summer, I feel like I have a little more time to focus on training the kids to learn new chores and help them to do quality work.  It is great to work as a family to keep the house clean, especially with the extra messes summer can bring.

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6 Steps to an Awesome Summer Series | Work

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