Friday, May 2, 2014

Playing With Paper | Baby Mobile Tutorial

I thought I would share a tutorial for the mobile I made for Beckett's room.  It was so fun to come up with and design.  I already had the colors chosen for his room light blue, navy, orange, and yellow.  I new I wanted to also add some white, kraft, and black.  I had just hung the mobile the day I snapped the photos for the baby's room tour.  Later that day when I went to get my baby after his nap, I found the mobile in the crib, with the book paper pinwheels shredded.  It was to low and he was obviously able to grab it.  Well, so glad it was all just paper and paper is easy and inexpensive to replace and to fix. 

The mobile, shredded.  I'm happy to report it is repaired now and hanging in his room.

supplies | embroidery hoop, circle punches, glue gun, ribbon, paint, foam brush,
paper, 4" pinwheels (tutorial on how to make pinwheels)
step 1 | paint your hoop
I separated my hoop and carefully painted in sections.

step 2 | assemble and attach circles
I layered a small circle on a large circle and then adhered them front to back so both the front and the back were finished.  I use hot glue for all the gluing in this project.  I then adhered the circles to ribbon.  I created 4 lengths of ribbon with 5 circles on each length.  I left extra room at the top of each length to attach to the hoop.
step 3 | attach pinwheels
I then adhered the circles and the pinwheels to ribbon.  I created 4 lengths of ribbon with 2 circles  and one pinwheel on each length.  I left extra room at the top of each length to attach to the hoop.

step 4 | attach ribbon to hoop
I attached each of the eight lengths to the hoop.  I glued the unfinished end of the lengths over the top of the hoop, and let the circles and pinwheels hang down.  I placed the 8 lengths equal distance from each other, alternating the 5 circled lengths with the pinwheel lengths.  I then attached 4 lengths of plain ribbon to the hoop, looping them in the opposite directions, and gathering them together in a knot above. 

completed baby mobile
So there it is, my baby's mobile.  I can't tell you how lovely it is to have pieces of items I have made in my children's rooms.  Little bits of things I love, creations that I created, just for them and for their space.  I love that my home is filled with things I have made.  They are not perfect and at times they may not have turned out exactly as I wanted, but they reflect me and tell a story.  They make our house a home.  When I lay my little guy down to bed, I cover him with his blankets, a quilt made by my mom, a quilt made by me, and the softest blanket ever from Pottery Barn, and I spin his mobile and tell him goodnight.  Sleep tight baby boy. 

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