Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Simple Days

Outside my window...more sunshine then rain these last couple weeks.  Kids have been playing in the sprinkler and the garden is coming along, slowly, but little by little, it should be planted soon.
I am thinking...of organizing and planning.  I stayed up until 4am one night this last weekend and worked on a new organizational system and on our files.  It makes me super happy to have this new system (almost) in place.
I am thankful...for sunshine, for my home, for quiet days this week.
In the kitchen...I've been linking up with Beauty that Moves and sharing photos from my kitchen each week.  It has been fun to see all the photos in these posts, to see the others that have shared, and to celebrate whole food in the kitchen.  You can find these posts here. 
I am wearing...jeans rolled up, striped tees.  Cotton skirts and cardigans.  The sandals have even come out of winter storage.
I am creating...A few paper projects and have shared a couple tutorials on the blog.  You can find the tutorials here and my other  past projects here
I am going...I have a few items to return to a few stores.  They have made it out to the car, but I need to plan a time to take them back.  It is not my favorite thing, to run errands. 
I am reading...I just finished Shadow of the Hegemon and started The Nesting Place.
I am little 5 year old boys feels better soon.  I picked him up from school on Monday with the stomach flu.  Sleepless nights, fevers, and aches have been a part of these last couple days.
I am looking forward to...summer.  I'm ready for school to be out and for some adventuring and long lazy days.
I am write every little thing down.  As part of my new organizational system, I'm trying to not keep everything in my head.  All items, appointments, to dos I need to accomplish need to go in my planner, no matter how small.  I'm learning that this is a habit that I need to develop.
Around the house...I've been organizing, but just little bits here and there.  I need to come up with a game plan to tackle some areas of our home, and feel like they are "done."
I am pondering...where I should hang this new print from Elisa.  I love it!
One of my favorite things...photobooths.  I know, random, but we went to our school carnival this last month and my sweet boy wanted pictures in the photobooth.  I think I may have to start collecting photos of our family from these booths.  Love the way they are so casual, fun, and real. 
A few plans for the rest of the week:  We are just trying to get over being sick this week.  For the rest of this month I would really like to focus on getting the garden and the house set for summer.  I'm also working on posts for the series on by blog, 6 Steps to an Awesome Summer.  I will have the second post on the blog tomorrow!  Come back and visit and be inspired with ideas and inspiration!  Find the first post on summer schedules here.    
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