Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Hike to Pittock Mansion

Loved our hike to Pittock Mansion today.  Love the happy attitude we all had,  no complaints were heard throughout the entire 5 mile hike.  Loved knowing this happened because of the promise of  icecream for those that did not complain.  Loved seeing that it worked.  Loved all the hand holding.  Loved the green, the forest, the fresh air.  Loved the hills and feeling my body move and work hard to climb to the top.  Loved my 5 year old's observation, upon reaching the top of the hike and entering the parking lot of Pittock Mansion he said, "Why didn't we just park here?"  

Loved the view from the top and the lunch we all made before we left and had just enough to satisfy us all.  Loved the family selfie.   Loved running and skipping down the hill with my family.  Loved my baby boy who fell asleep in the back of the stroller on the hike down.  Loved being in the moment, not being stressed, experience the day without worry or an agenda.  Loved exploring a new to us place in Portland and crossing a goal off my 2014 list for the year.  Loved that it wasn't that big of a deal when we realized that neither Steve nor I had brought our wallets and couldn't stop by Salt and Straw.  (We have never been and I so want to go.)  Loved knowing we would save it for next time and that everyone accepted that.  Loved this entire summer day. 

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  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful words. Sounds like a blessed day for sure!