Monday, June 2, 2014

Gallery Wall In Girl's Room

I thought I would share some thoughts on the gallery wall in my girl's room.  I shared a tour of her room this last week.  It was really a labor of love and thrown together with things we love and have collected from around our home and throughout the years.  The gallery wall was no exception. 

We originally wanted to put Isabelle's artwork on this wall and fill the frames with it.  It became complicated when she understandably didn't want to cut into her artwork to fit the frames.  We decided to add some scrapbook paper to the frames we hadn't filled, so a few of the frames are filled with her artwork and a few with paper.  Our plan is to fill the others later with artwork.

She has her canvas painting of a wolf.  Do not mistake it for a cat or a pig, that did not go over well.  We added a photo of her with her brothers.  Love.  Also, we added the art "Love You" print hanging in a thrifted wooden hanger.  The striped "I" is modpodged scrapbook paper, the same paper is repeated in one of the red frames below. 

I made the heart framed art by cutting out triangle pieces of scrapbook paper.  It was super fun to do and I should have a tutorial up later this week

The large "I" was on clearance at Pottery Barn, we bought it a few years ago.  The red frames I bought for Jakob's Curious George's baby room. 

I kept putting the wall together super simple.  I just started nailing in holes and putting up items.  After shuffling around so many rooms the last few years, we are trying to settle everything in a semi permanent space.  These frames were literally left over from previous projects.  After I put them up they sat empty for a few weeks.  We filled the frames one by one. 

The drawing in the large brown frame was hard to photograph.  It is a drawing of Elsa from Frozen. 

This wall was so fun to put together.  Before we put it up, my girl had a dozen or more art drawings taped all over this wall.  It was fun to contain them in frames, keeping her favorite ones, and added tom them as we move forward.

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