Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Playing With Paper | Triangle Framed Heart Tutorial

Here is the super easy triangle paper heart I made for the gallery wall in my girl's room.  I wanted to add something bright and lovely to the art wall in Isabelle's room.  It was so easy to make this.

supplies | various patterned and solid paper, white card stock, frame, tape, paper cutter

step 1 | cut out triangles
The easiest way for me to cut out my triangles is to cut out squares and then cut the squares in half.

step 2 | tape triangles into heart shape
I just used regular clear tape, lined them up, and taped them together.  I placed them in the order I wanted to before I taped them, so the colors would be divided evenly.

step 3 | tape onto white cardstock and frame

It really is such a fun addition to this very colorful gallery wall.  It pulls in some of the colors and patterns from the pinwheel wall.  I love using paper to make easy, fun, decorative elements that are inexpensive and unique.

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