Sunday, July 20, 2014

Baptism Dress Photo Shoot

I thought I would share some photos we took of my Isabelle in her baptism dress.  My amazingly generous mother made the beautiful dress, I added the rolled flowers to the sash, and Grandma gifted the gloves and shoes.   Isabelle was all in during this photo shoot.  We worked together to style her hair and dress.  She had  here opinion on how to style and pose in each photos.  She had much to say and was very much involved in the creative process, sharing her opinions, we worked as a team.  I loved it.  

We are preparing for this girl's baptism in a couple weeks.  She is so ready to make this promise to her Heavenly Father and we couldn't be happier.  We have been reading, talking, studying, and preparing for this special day for awhile now and she is so prepared.  She impresses me daily with her happiness, her sensitivity to others and her willingness to do what is right.  I'm so happy for her, for making this choice in her life, and I'm catching glimpses of her future and all that lays ahead.

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  1. She is beautiful - inside and out. I just love her kind heart and loving nature. She is also smart as a whip! When she makes her baptismal covenants I know she does so, with full recognition of what her Father in Heaven is asking of her.