Monday, July 7, 2014

Living Simply | Part 1

Minimalism is not a lack of something.  It's the perfect amount of something.  
--Nicolas Burroughs

I had a lot to say about this subject and decided to divide this post into two parts.  Look for part 2 this next week.

I've been wanting to share my journey towards simplicity.  I feel I have been on this journey for awhile but I also feel am just beginning.  Honestly, right now it feels like a jumbled up mess of thoughts, desires, and expectations.  I can clearly see what I want.  A clean and tidy home with very few items.  I want everything we own to be something we truly love or is truly useful and used often. I dream of a schedule and to do list that completes all the important tasks of my day, leaves time for play and rejuvenation, and creates space to serve and connect, to build relationships with those I love most.  I want space to breath, to dream, to create, to connect, to play.

I want to have time to spend with family and friends.  I want to welcome everyday knowing that I can get to all the items on my short, simple to do list.  I want that list to include mindful activities that include building relationships with my dear sweet family, those that live with me and those that live far away.  I want it to include task and responsibilities that keep my home running smoothly, food on the table, and clean clothes hung in the closet.  I want it to include rest and rejuvenation.  I want it to include service in my church, in my community, and to my friends and family.  I want to have time to be playful, have fun, and enjoy life.  I want to work hard.  I want to accomplish goals.

This stage of life seems too complicated.  A home to maintain and remodel, a huge yard, a dog, a husband, 4 kiddos, homework, cleaning, service in church and community, extended family, a business, etc.  The items above swirl around in my mind, how can I do all I want to do and keep things simple?  The answer that comes is less.  Less stuff, less activities, less on the to do list, less to worry about, less to organize and clean, less to plan.  I want less so I can have more.  Kat Lee from Inspired to Action has said she wants to do as little as possible as well as possible.  I love this.  I'm doing so many things now but I'm definitely not doing them as well as I could be.  What if I could wipe my schedule clean and just add back a few items and do them amazingly well?  What if I could get rid of all my extra stuff and keep the very best?  What if I could keep things so simple and easy that it was simple and easy to do it all and do it well.

This is the answer.  In the last couple years I have tried in small and simple ways to implement simplicity and have been rewarded with peace, calm, and feelings of accomplishment.  I know it is the answer.  I'm ready to tackle and simplify every aspect of my life, stripping away the excess, and keeping the very best.

How has simplicity benefited you in your life?  Have you experimented with it and had success?  Do you have any recommendations for where I can begin?

Living Simply Part 2


  1. It is the answer, yet so difficult to implement in this day and age. I have especially been working towards having fewer items on our schedule. It isn't easy at all! But even just cutting a couple of things out makes a giant difference.

    1. I so agree! I'm amazed at how after I have cut a couple things out of an overpacked schedule, our weeks will run so smoothly. It takes constant effort and forming smart habits, most definitely a journey.

  2. What a great post! Pinned. We love having you be a part of our party. I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm.
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls