Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Girl Turns 8

We loved celebrating this girl's birthday this last week.  What an amazing daughter we have and we feel so blessed to share our days with her.  We celebrated with a trip to the beach, dinner at Mo's Seafood Grill in Newport, and lots of American Doll accessories and my Little Pony gifts to open.  She wanted to smash her face in a cake (funny girl), so we bought a piece of cake especially for that.  She blew out 8 candles, yes 8, how is that possible??  It was a delightful day to spend celebrating together.  Below are 8 things a love about this girl of ours.
  1. I adore her passion for life.  I love that it is contagious to those around her.
  2. I love her femininity, her joy in being a girl and in girly things.
  3. She connects with others, is concerned for others, and reachers out to others so very often.
  4. She has such a tender heart.
  5. She loves to help do jobs and works hard to get things done.
  6. I adore that she loves to organize and make things pretty.
  7. She shares often with others, sometimes sharing things that she would love to keep.
  8. She is very thoughtful, thinking and pondering through tough issues and hard situations.