Sunday, July 13, 2014

To The Coast

We joke that they call it the Oregon Coast for a reason, on most days it is definitely not the beach, it is the coast.  On most days it is cool, windy, and overcast.  We have just learned to embrace our coast, we bundle up in layers and plan for wet, sandy, cold kids on the drive home.  These are photos from our Memorial Day weekend, over a month ago, but I wanted to share.  My mom, sister, and her kids came for the weekend, it was a quick trip.  We ate lunch at a fun new place in Newport and spent lots of time reading, playing on the beach, and relaxing.  We won't mention the stomach flu that half of us dealt with, no, we just won't talk about that.    

I love the bottom photos of my two guys.  I absolutely adore them, the photos and the boys in them.


  1. Regardless, it's beautiful!

    1. There is such beauty in the chilly, overcast, sometimes stormy days at the beach.