Monday, August 4, 2014

Living Simply | Gift Wrap

In an effort to simplify, I'm tackling one area of our home at a time.  Here is my gift wrap box, shoved full of miscellaneous bags, ribbons, bows, cards, and was basically a mess.  It was just too much stuff.  I decided to go neutral and only keep the neutral items.  

I ended up with a bunch of kraft paper bags and white tissue paper, some raffia, some handmade pom-poms, snowflake and star tags, and some white ribbon.  I have my rolls of neutral wrapping paper in a basket on my table in my studio.

I love the simplicity of it all.  No matter what the occasion, I can wrap a gift.  I love that it fits into a wire basket and slides into my shelf in my studio.  I love that I can replenish the items easily, without a lot of thought.  I'm excited for Christmas, and having all these neutral wrapped gifts under the trees.  It is simple and easy and looks pretty.

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