Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Right Now

Right now we are getting back into our summer rhythm after another trip to the oregon coast, our 3rd and final of the summer.  Feeling so blessed to spend so much time at the coast this summer.  Right now I'm finding time to work out in the garden most days.  Just a bit of time in the evening or in the mornings to water, weed, and harvest.  Right now we are in an awesome place of reading lots of books.  Right now I've started watching some scrapbooking videos on youtube, trying to find motivation and inspiration to get scrapbooking again.  Right now we are making and eating and experimenting with popcicles.  Right now we are enjoying mornings outside and afternoons and evenings inside to cope with some hot summer days.  Right now we are balancing the tightrope of enjoying the end of summer while preparing for the new school year.  Right now we are enjoying all the good things that summer brings.

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