Thursday, August 28, 2014

Weekly Art With Kids | Tin Lanterns

What is more fun then a lantern in the summertime?  This became a mom craft, since my oldest isn't interested in crafting, and my littles are not quite old enough to use a hammer and nail on slippery metal.  It has been funny, this crafting thing this summer, my oldest has definitely transitioned out of it.  I tried to choose a few activities that he might be interested in, this particular craft being one of them, but my plan backfired.  He was still not interested and I was stuck doing the craft for the other kids.  Not really the point of crafting with kids, them not doing and you doing it all.  They did love the end result.  I wish I could have snapped a photo of my littlest carrying this cute lantern around the house today.  Very fun for them to play with.

I followed the tutorial here.  I saved a bunch of tin cans and froze water in them.  My original idea was to make a tin can garland for the porch.  Well, almost all the cans split in the freezer.  I was only left with two cans.  I opted to make a couple tin lanterns for the kids to play with.

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