Friday, October 3, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 3 The Foundation

Lets talk today about the foundation of home decorating.  This would include walls, flooring, trim,and built-ins.  I would also include most of your furniture in this list of basics.  My philosophy on these items are to keep them simple and neutral.  Furniture is expensive, built-ins are a lot of work, and I hate painting, so I try to choose items that I love that are classic.   I love tall baseboards, white trim and built-ins, leather and white slipcovered couches, white and light blue colored walls, white painted furniture, and jute rugs. 

I do think that you can add a bold, stylish, colorful foundation piece to your home, you just have to know that you will have to work around that item for a long time.  I have falling in love with many rooms and homes that have bold foundational pieces.  That said, know that if you choose a bold red colored couch (I was in love with this idea a few years ago) you will have to work around that color with every element you add to the room.  I have found it liberating to start with a neutral base and add to it.

In our living room, I have a white slipped covered couch, a leather couch, a dark wood stained baby grand, a white side table, a dark wood stained ikea cubed bookcase, and a braided jute covered ottoman.  The carpet is brown, the trim is white, and the walls are a beige brown.  All neutrals.  I could add any color or style to that mix.  If you love color, add it through small tables, side chairs, pillows, throw blankets, framed art, photos, or any variety of items.  I do like the neutral on neutral look, so I have decided to only add a bit of color to the room.  I have added my painted bright yellow side table and two chevron black and white side chairs, plus a bit of blue, yellow, and red through various other items in the room.  

The idea of laying down a neutral foundation in my home and adding layers of style and color have helped in purchases big and small.  When I want to add or change the color in a room, it is easy to switch out the small stuff.  I don't get tired of my foundation pieces because they are classic and neutral and a great base to build on.  When I want a unique foundation piece I keep the color neutral and think texture.  This small piece of my decorating philosophy has helped me immensely as I have navigated what to purchase and as I have worked to define my style.  

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