Sunday, October 5, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 5 Wreaths

Today lets talk about another trend.  Wreaths.  I have many wreaths and I just made another last week with some girlfriends, and it was all my idea.  Like garlands, wreaths are versatile and easy to make.  I have started with a straw, foam, or cardboard base.  I have made wreaths from paper, cardboard, burlap, cupcake liners, buttons, felt, fleece, and most recently, yarn.  You can hang them on doors, add them to gallery walls, or hang them over old windows, bookcases, or mirrors.

Here are a few examples of the many wreaths in my home.

In my bedroom I have this red wreath I purchased from JoAnns years ago.  On the latter I hung a small little button wreath I made.

Here is a close up of that button wreath.  Just white buttons hot glued onto cardboard.  I love this little wreath.

I have two burlap wreaths I blogged about here.

This is the newest wreath to my collection.  Yarn wrapped around the wreath with rolled flowers.

This is my fall wreath, it comes out every autumn, and usually goes on the front door.  This year I have something else I love on the front door (another trend I'll blog about soon) and so I just added this wreath to the entryway.

These were just a couple little dollar store wreaths I layered and added to my baby's room.  Super simple and inexpensive.

I came up with this gratitude wreath a few years ago.  Made from cardboard and paper, I have paper clipped word strips of items we are grateful for, and it stays up year round.

Here is a wreath I did with my mom.  I kept it neutral.  Those are cupcake liners, pinned into the wreath.  This hangs in my studio corner of the basement.

I most definitely have a love for wreaths.  I actually did count and have a total of 15 wreaths on display in my home right now.  I didn't realize I had that many!  They really are so very easy to make and can be personalized to reflect your style.  So very fun to add to your home.

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