Monday, October 6, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 6 Color

Painting our master bedroom black.  It has been a year, and I still love it!
Let's talk about color today.  When we moved into our second home I was in love with the interior wall colors.  We were told that the previous owners had help from an interior designer in decorating their home.  They had chosen three paint colors that they alternated throughout the rooms in this home.  I loved the effect of three colors, repeated throughout an entire house.  The colors went together but were distinct enough to stand out and make a statement.

The light beige walls in our living room.

In our third home, our town home, it was painted a light grey beige and the trim was a darker shade of this grey beige.  I loved this color!  It made all my white and black  frames and shelves stand out on the walls.

The navy blue in the boy's old room (now Isabelle's room.)  My painter tried to talk me out of this color.  So glad I went for it anyway!
The light blue in the boy's current room.  Love this color.
When we moved into our current home, I attempted to duplicate the color philosophy I learned from each of our two previous homes.  I matched that beige and had them do a lighter version and a darker version throughout most of our home.  During the process of our remodel I have added light blue, navy blue, and black to our wall colors.  I love the neutrality of all these colors.  They create the perfect background canvas to add bits of color.

The dark grey beige walls in our basement.
I add lots of color through accessories.  You will find pops of blue, yellow, orange, and red throughout my home.  I am also drawn to neutral accessories with a lot of texture.  The more neutrals I add to my home, the more my bright color accessories stand out.  Adding any bit of color to a neutral palette really lets that color shine and take center stage.

For example, our main living room space is neutral browns, whites, greys, and blacks, with pops of yellow, blue, orange, and gold.  My master bedroom is browns, whites, and blacks, and orangy reds, with pops of gold and yellow.  Similar colors but different looks.

The black walls in our master.
All of this said, white is definitely my favorite color right now.  I would love to paint all my walls white  and layer white, on white, on white.  When I shop home decor, I'm drawn to neutrals, and most often anything painted or distressed in white.  Most definitely my go to color right now when thinking of what to diy, paint, or purchase.

Choosing colors for your home is fun and really can set up limitations that may help you define your style.  It can help you let go, keep the very best, and purchase additional items to add to your home.

What color combinations do you love?  Have you or could you work those into your home decor?

The light blue in my baby's room.
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