Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 7 Photos

I love decorating with photos.  It is an easy, fun, personal, and simple way to make your house your own.  We have lots of fun photos that are sprinkled throughout our home.  Below are just a few ways I have incorporated photos into our home.

  •  I love to make grids of my photos.  I have a grid heart in our bedroom, a grid black frame in our living room, and a instagram grid poster framed in our basement.  It is an easy way to bring together a lot of photos, especially when you have many that you want to share.

  • I have fun framed photos throughout our home.  I love my photo of myself, right after I had Beckett, framed on my bedside table.  So imperfect, but absolutely lovely in the way that it captured that moment of motherhood.

  • I have a gallery wall of gold framed photos of Steve and I above our bed.  
  • I have a fun photo frame of our parents and grandparents when they were young and newly married.  A little way to celebrate our heritage.

  • I also have photo books in different areas throughout the house, for any and all to look at.  I love the idea of framing a scrapbook page, though I have never done it.
  • Also, there are many crafty/diy projects that incorporate photos into their projects.  I decorated the letter "M" with some fun photos from a trip we took years ago to the pumpkin patch.  A fun, easy, and beautiful way to add a personal touch to your home.  
  • Make a calendar with your photos.
  • Have a family traditions that has to do with photos.  Frame your annual Christmas Cards, frame photos of every family vacations, or create a collage of extended family photos, or do what we do, we have framed photos of each of our babes at 8 months old.  I'm in the process of reframing these photos, so below is an old photo of the three older babes, with a younger photo of my baby below.
  • Taking that annual family photo and frame it.  (I'm need to do better at this.) 
  • You can make garlands with them.

There is so much more I could do with photos, so many creative ideas out there.  It really is such an easy and fun way to add your's and your family's personality to your home.  Such a wonderful way to make it uniquely yours.

You can find the my complete 31 day Home Decorating Series here.

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