Thursday, October 9, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 9 Handmade

Handmade knitted sweater.  Hanging in our baby's room.
I love coming home from a long weekend away or an extended vacation.  Its the act of walking through the door and seeing my home with fresh eyes that I've come to look forward and enjoy.  Everything looks better, fresher, and more beautiful.  I must say that I don't appreciate my home everyday.  It is easy to focus on things that I don't like, unfinished projects, the general layout of my home, areas that need an updated touch.  But when I walk through the door after being away, things that I take for granted each day are seen in a new light.  I appreciate the beauty, the style, and the loveliness that I have worked so hard to create and that can be missed when you live day to day inside of your own four walls.

Handmade water colored ampersand.
Large paper circles on canvas.

One thing that I have noticed on those return home walk-throughs are the amount of handmade items I have acquired.  I have already shared some of my handmade items in previous post where I have talked about garlands, photo projects, and wreaths.  I have many things that I have purchased, but I also have many things that I have created.  They are imperfect, simple, inexpensive handmade projects.

Large light blue painted M and smaller gold painted M mounted on fabric covered wood.
Pinwheel collage in our girl's room.
Some I love more then others.  Every room in our home holds a few of these handmade items.  Often friends and family will ask if this or that was handmade.  They know I love to create.  It makes me happy to have these items in my home.  It reflects my personality and style, adds originality, and is a way to tailor make items that fit my style.  If I can't find an item in the store, I can make it.  I love this trend of handmade decorative items in our home.   Definitely something I have turned to often throughout the years to add my own something special to my home.

Decorative printer drawer.

Have you added handmade items to your home?   What has been your favorite handmade item?

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  1. I love all your handmade things. I enjoy combining hand made items with purchased things. One of my favorite handmade items in my home is partially handmade, it's our coffee table. My daughter found an old coffee table on the side of the road, brought it home and we painted a British flag on it. She took it to college and brought it back and it now sits in our living room. It gives the room an eclectic almost eccentric look but it's fun and unique.