Friday, October 10, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 10 Texture

I love using texture to add dimension and interest to the rooms in my home.  I have especially used this idea more and more as I have created a more neutral style in my home, and I couldn't be happier with the results.  My favorite textures to use are silver, jute, leather, soft fabrics, wool, wood, crisp painted white items, knitted items, brass, woven  items, glass, velvet, and distressed painted wood, I love the combination of old mix with new.  If I'm creating a vignette, I will usually pair older, worn items with newer items. Below are just a few ideas on how I have used texture in my home.  

A leather poof next to a woven stool on a wool rug.

A brick fireplace with a clean, white mantel with a wooden stool.

Love the buttons and how they add so much texture to this "M".

One of my recent purchases.  I bought it for the texture, the interest added through the wooden pieces.

My just rug with my white cabinets and hardwood floors.

I love the texture in this fabric garland.

My velvet headboard with the gold framed gallery walls and the white distressed starburst mirror.
Do you enjoy playing with texture?  What have you used lately to add interest to your home?

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