Thursday, October 23, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 23 Art Prints

When Steve and I were first married, he took me to a home of his childhood best friend.  It was a lovely, large, beautiful home with views of the Cascades and the Coastal mountain range.  As we walked through their home, Steve pointed out all the art.  He talked about wanting art in our future home.  At the time, we lived in our first home, surrounded by thrifted, gifted, and garage sale finds.  I was struggling to choose paint color, and so expensive art was a dream for our future home.  But I loved the idea of art and so the idea continued to work its way into my thoughts from time to time.

As I have tried to add some pieces to our home, I have found it difficult to decide what to add.  I enjoy beautiful artwork, but it takes me a long time to find pieces that I really love.  I'm not opposed to eventually spending money on a piece of art, but it has to be something I absolutely love, and thus far, I have found other areas to spend our money.  I have found less expensive ways to add art to our home.

  • thrifted items | I only have had success with finding one thrifted piece of art.  It was a lovely sketch of the Oregon City tram.  I really haven't had a lot of luck in finding artwork at the thrift store, but I know that many people have.  A wonderful way to find inexpensive and unique art.
  • children's art |  Your children or grandchildren's art can add so much character to your home.  So many have found such lovely ways to display their children's artwork.
  • art prints |  I have found I few pieces of art that I love and have added them to my home by purchasing the printed version and framing it myself.  My favorites are a painting of the Portland Temple and a few prints from Walter Raine and Brian Kershisnik.
  • printables |  I have spent some money on some lovely graphic prints.     
  • handmade |  I have dabbled a bit with making a couple pieces on my own, just for fun, and to add a bit of whimsy to our home.  I would never call myself a painter, but it has been fun to let myself go and just create something.
  • Originals |  Add original artwork from friends and family.  My grandfather painted landscapes and his home is full of his paintings.  A few months after he passed away this last year, I thought about his artwork and how I would love to have one of his paintings in my home.  What a story it would tell.
I didn't realize I had so much to say about art.  One day I may actually spend some big money on a piece (or 2) of art, but for now my collection of gifted, thrifted, handmade, and printed art fit my style and personality.  They all tell a story and are so very meaningful to me and my family.  

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