Sunday, October 12, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 12 Using What You Love

We talked yesterday about using what you have to decorate your home.  Lets talk today about using what you love.  Basically the idea is to buy and decorate with things that you love.  Things that just make you happy.   I love mason jars, love them.  I've been decorating with them for years (also drinking and storing items in them) and I still love them.  I have painted them, searched for them at thrift and antique stores, and received them as gifts from my sweet Grandma.  They have been on mantel for the last couple years and I still love the look.  They make me happy.

The large blue jar in the middle is from my Grandma, the other blue jars were purchased from an antique stores, the white jars were painted with my SIL, and the clear jars were thrifted.

When shopping for items, I like to buy only when I really love an item.  I have purchased items that I like, items that are cute, and they work in my home, but its those things that I love that make me so happy.  If your not sure what you love, work to define your style, and write down all items that you love that fit said style.

A word to the wise.  I have heard that you should just shop and purchase what you love, and when you bring it home you will be able to make it work.  I agree and disagree with this idea.  I agree that if you purchase things that you love, you can usually make them work in your home, especially if most of those items reflect your style.  But if you have too many random, eclectic, disconnected items, in all sorts of colors and shades, that may or may not reflect your style, it could make it really hard to make these items work in your home.  One or two items in a room that step a bit outside the box add interest and character to a room.  A room full of these types of items can leave the room feeling disconnected, messy, and frustrated.

Choosing colors that you love can really help in making sure the item that you love at the store look good when you bring them home.  I love lots of colors, but I have my favorites, and colors that I know will look good in my home.  When I find an item I love, I'll choose it in the color that looks good in my home.  This helps connect this item you love with other items in your home.

What decorations do you love?  How have you used them in your home?

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