Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 14 On Matching

Today lets talk about purchasing or making matching items and sprinkling them throughout the rooms in your home to bring a cohesive feel to your home.  We talked about color and how choosing a few paint colors and repeating them throughout your home can connect rooms and add an element of a general overall style to your home.  Lets talk about matching items today.

I'm one who when I find a cute shirt I will buy it in two or three different colors.  If I love it, I know I will wear it and like it in other colors as well.  I've done the same with items in my home.  This last year I found some signs that I absolutely fell in love with.  I had some money leftover from some furniture purchases I made earlier that year, and used it to splurge on three of these large signs.  You might think three large signs in someones home is too much, but I love that they repeat themselves throughout my home.  I have one in the basement, one in our great room, and one in our master.  Love.

I have also repeated random items throughout our home.  I have 6 of the ikea cubed bookshelves, for functionality and for looks.  I've already shared my use of repeating books, photos, wreaths, and garlands throughout my home.  I repeat white frames, lamps, woven baskets, globes, and mason jars.

Have you ever bought matching items to decorate in your home?  Did you like the result?

You can find the my complete 31 day Home Decorating Series here.


  1. I'm loving your home decorating segments!! Is it okay if I just copy everything I see?? I love your house it's so pretty!