Saturday, October 18, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 18 Rugs

Rugs are just another way to add style, comfort, and interest to your home.  They are functional and they are pretty.  They can be colorful or neutral.

This year has been the year of rugs.  I must admit that I have been a bit intimidated by rugs.  Through the years I just haven't found a lot of rugs that I love or that I have felt fit my style.  The patterns that I had chosen were soon too much and the size of the rugs didn't seem to fit the room they were in.

This year I feel like I'm finally getting it.  I've purchased a few rugs this year and have loved what I have chosen.  I seem to be loving neutrals, with lots of texture, and I seem to be drawn to a bit of southwestern flare.  I also love my black and white polk-a-dot rug in my studio.  Just fun.

I've also gone big, I've gone with a couple oversized rugs, and they have been a great solution and fit the room so much better then smaller rugs.

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