Monday, October 20, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 20 Letters and Ampersands

I love decorating with letters.  Of course "M" is our letter of chose and you will find it all over our house.  I have debated doing a gallery wall of "M"s and that may be in our future.  Right now I have a varied collection of purchased and handmade "M"s that add whimsy to our home.  I have also added my children's initials into their rooms.  I love that these letters celebrate our unique family as a whole and as individuals.

I also have added ampersands in a couple areas in our home, something I love, and I think they are fun and quirky.

My newest letters were just purchased from Pottery Barn.  They are Christmas ornaments, an "X" and an "O", all glittered up.  I thought they would be fun to add to our master bedroom.  They add romance and a little glam to our room.

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