Monday, October 13, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 13 Thrifted Items

I love thrifted items.  Like handmade items, I think they tell a story, and add charm and character to your home.  I have thrifted many items throughout the years.  I'm proud of my thrift store finds and love to tell people that I found this or that thrifting.  I also like to obnoxiously tell people how much I paid for said thrifted item.  I'm trying to break that habit, but I love getting a good deal.  I used to shop a lot of garage sells when we were first married and money was tight.  I had people ask me all the time if this or that was found at a garage sell.  My family and friends know me.  Below are just a few of my thrift store finds.

A thrifted globe. 

The apple is a thrift store find.  I think it looks very Pottery Barnish.  Also, the vintage Pooh book is thrifted and the bookcase was not thrifted but found by husband, chippy red (not in a good way), and covered with dirt.

The yellow velvet chair was thrifted.  Love the color.

One of these gold frames in our master room was thrifted, not sure which one, shows that you can't tell the difference.

This little vase was thrifted.  It is a nice solid glass, love it.

This little hanging baskety thing was thrifted.  It was green, I painted it white.  Are you surprised?

All of these globes are thrifted.  I looked long and hard for these.  

I thrifted these awhile ago.  Love the color combination.

This brass metal tray was thrifted.  It sits on my small desk in the kitchen to collect all the papers that come into our home each day.

Do you like adding thrifted items to your home?  What is your favorite thrifted find?

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