Saturday, October 25, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 25 Pillows & Throws

Don't you love homes that are cozy, warm  and inviting?  An easy way to add comfort and coziness to a room is through blankets and pillows.  I love a couch full of pillows and blankets at the ready.  I just went to Ikea and purchased a couple of their blankets, one in black and white stripes and one a creamy knitted blanket.  I absolutely love tons of pillows piled on a bed or a couch.  Most of my pillows are Ikea and handmade (with my mom's help) and a couple of others.  I buy all my inserts from Ikea.  I love feather pillows, they are comfy, squishy, and washable.

Below is our newest pillow, a lovely golden fox.  Love this pillow.

Here is that striped blanket.  Next to the pumpkin, it looks perfect for this time of year.

Our bedroom today.

Here is our bedroom from 2008.  I spent my birthday money on pillows.  This was the first time I had lots of pillows on our master bed.

Do you love pillows and throws in your home?  Where do you find your pillows and blankets that you love?

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