Saturday, November 1, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 26 Unique & Quirky

I love adding unique and quirky items to my home.  I think it just makes your home fun to have items that are different, something you don't see everywhere.  They may be items that tell a story or everyday items used in a unique way.  They may just be something fun and different, that you see the beauty in, and want to display in your home.  No matter, if you love them, they will reflect your style and add interest to your home.

I found these hangers at Goodwill and have used them to display photos and art prints in my home.

This brass circle I found at Goodwill and just loved!  I added it to this grouping of  items.

My fox pillow is a bit quirky and fun.  I just love the gold and the interest it adds to the room

I bought this pumpkin from Homegoods earlier this month.  I wanted another neutral fall decoration and this was so different and fun.  

This piece of driftwood we found over by Hagg Lake, where Steve grew up.  It tells a story of his childhood and brings a touch of the outdoors in.

Have you experimented with different and nontraditional decor?  What do you have that you love?

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