Sunday, November 2, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 27 Not Matchy, Matchy

I use to want everything to match in my home.  Colors, style, furniture, you name it.  I thought I was safe if I was matching items.   In the last few years I have experimented with not matching.  This has been infinitely easier to do because I have so many neutrals in my home.  

Adding a bright colored piece of furniture to my neutral living room adds interest to the room.

I have often pulled together a room or a corner of my home, collecting items to coordinate, and realizing I need something more.  I'll reach for something that adds contrast.  Color will do this in a neutral palette.  I love mixing distressed, antiqued items with newer items.  Adding something quirky and different  to a vignette of traditional items adds lots of interest.  Something handmade is fun to add to a room full of store-bought items.  Just bringing things together that look good, but don't necessarily match adds so much interest to a home.

I rely on what looks good to me when I combine these items.  I'll put things together and love the contrasting look.  Sometimes I'm not sure and have to live with it for a few days, but I go by what looks good and how I feel about it.   I have had combinations of items that have worked out better then others, but you really do learn from experimenting.  Usually the greater the contrast, the more drama it adds to the space, and I like it that much more.  

How do you feel about matching?  Do you try to combine contrasting items?

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