Monday, December 29, 2014

12 Days of Christmas 2014

I thought I would share our 12 Days of Christmas.  We have done this for the last few years and have really enjoyed doing some special things together as a family at this time of year.  We started 12 days before Christmas Eve, which is different then we have done in years past, and completed our 12th day on Christmas Eve.  Here is what we did this year.

1 | We opened the Playmobile Nativity set.  (This was a big hit!)

2 | We popped popcorn and watch a Christmas movie.

3 | We opened this book and read it together.

4 | We opened a package of clay and made ornaments together.

5 | We opened Christmas window decals and decorate the windows together.

6 | We planned to open little scrapbooks that I made for each of the kids.  (More on these later.)

7 | We planned to make cards and special gifts for our Great Grandma.

8 | We planned to go to Peacock Lane (a fun street in Portland where all the homes are decorated with lights for Christmas) but we didn't actually make it.

9 | We made treats and delivered them to our friends and neighbors.

10 | We took a walk and bought some hot chocolate.

11 | We opened a new game and played it together.

12 | We opened Little House season 5 (we have been working our way through the series over the  last few years) and have been enjoying watching it during the Christmas break.  

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