Monday, December 29, 2014

Living Simply | A Simplified State of Being

This last summer, as most summers go, was busy.  We were able to follow our summer schedule, letting go of it when needed, and kept pace with most of our planned and unplanned family events.  We had some wonderful moments shared and exciting milestones achieved.

Towards the end of the summer I found myself with a few uninterrupted hours of free time.  I was so excited and beside myself with what to do.  The funny thing was, I was overwhelmed with all that I could do, all that I wanted to do, all that I thought I should do, and ended up not really doing anything at all.  Though I had worked hard to somewhat simplify my home and my schedule, my mind was still a hot mess of busy, crazy, and overload.

I realized that I approached this unexpected free time with a cluttered mind and I was also approaching my everyday from this same place of distraction.  I decided I needed to make a change in regard to my state of being.  I needed to calm down.

Here are some things I have done to try to slow down this busy mind of mine.

||  I'm keeping in mind my basic, simple list of essentials that must be done everyday, reminding myself that the rest are extras, thus creating space for embracing the present moment.

||  I'm trying to slow down and be more thoughtful in my conversations with others.

||  I'm making time for daily scripture and gospel study.

||  I'm limiting my time on the internet.

||  I'm realizing and appreciating that I have done more to simplify my home and life than I had originally realized.  I'm trying to appreciate the space that all this work has created.

||  I'm trying to slow down as I work through my household tasks each day.

||  I'm focusing on creating simple moments throughout my day.  Walking down to pick up the kids from the bus, picking vegetables in my garden, rocking my baby to sleep, reading in bed at night, snuggling with my little ones, chatting with my husband, enjoying a small treat, or watering my plants outside can all be appreciated more.  I don't need to rush through and get it done, I can create the space to enjoy the moment.

Just a few things that have really helped me slow down inside my head as well as in my home and planner.  Definitely focusing on all this as we head into this new year.

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