Sunday, December 7, 2014

Classic Children's Gift Guide

Since my children don't read my blog, I thought I would share some fun gifts we have purchased for this upcoming Christmas.  I'm also including some gifts we have purchased in the past and ones that we would love to purchase in the future.  We love classic gifts that educate and that encourage open play and we love it when they are free of plastic (though I make an exception on some things.)

So here is a gift guide of classic gifts for the kiddos in your life.

These and these are such fun baby toys.  Play silks also make such wonderfully versatile gifts.

We purchased this balance bike in black for my 2 year old on his last birthday.  It has been a favorite.  Don't forget a helmet to go along with it, this one has fit him well.

The Cozy Classics books make lovely stocking stuffers.

We are getting a wooden alphabet set for our littlest this Christmas.  I would also love to get a number set for my little guy in a few years.

We have had this kitchen in red for years now and it has gotten a lot of play.  We bought plastic food and dishes to go with it and they have all been used up and thrown out.  I would love to get these or these to take their place.  Someday I would also love to get a little shopping cart.

We bought this Playmobile nativity for the kids this year.  They love to play with my decorative nativities, so I'm excited to gift this one to them this year.

We have a collection of wooden train tracks that we purchased new for Jakob when he was little and all of our kids have played with them.  We have added used tracks to it through the years.  This set looks like a great one.

My girl loves stuffed animals and wanted a stuffed snake for Christmas.  We have liked the Ganz animals.  We have also liked the Aurora brand and we purchased this snake for her for Christmas this year.

We purchased these building blocks last year for our 11 year old engineer and they were a success, all our kiddos enjoyed playing with them.  He has also loved models that he can put together like this plane.  We also bought him this raft a couple years ago and it has been fun.

This crossbow was a fun gift that our 6 year old loved this last year.

We love listening to stories on CDs and these Radio Theatres are some of our favorites.  We also love any stories on CD from Jim Weiss.  We would love to have the Little House and the Chronicles of Narnia on CD.  We also loved getting the Liberty Kids on DVD this last year.

We are a huge fan of legos, I would choose the architecture sets, but this is the one my 11 year old wanted this year.

This was also a fun stocking stuffer for our oldest guy.   We always do a toothbrush, floss sticks, and toothpaste in stockings.  We love adding art supplies and some fun treats.  We usually do an orange and  miniature box of cereal.

Hoping you have finished or are close to finishing your shopping adventures this year.  I have one more store to go to and a few gifts to wrap and I should be done.  I love being done early.  Not so fun to stay up late Christmas Eve wrapping gifts.

Any classical gifts you have purchased and love for your kids?

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