Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cross Stitched Letters

I spent the fall and much of December cross stitching, which was certainly one of the main reasons I didn't finish the rest of my books on my 2014 book list, but I was able to watch quite a few Christmas movies.  This is an old favorite, something I have enjoyed doing since I was a little girl.  I remember making those mason jar cross stitch lids when I was a little girl.  Remember those?  The last few years I have been on the search for modern cross stitch projects.  I created a pinterest board you can follow here.  I worked on a few projects you can find here, here, and here.  I was happy with these projects, but I still wanted more, something new and fresh.

This fall I was poking around the internet and I found this amazing website with all these amazing cross stitch projects.  What Delilah Did is an amazing sight.  I fell in love.  I ordered one of her projects and started on it right away.  I dd the crown on white linen with gold thread.  It is completed by is waiting cleaning and framing.  (I'm planning on framing it instead of making a pillow with it.)
Image of The Crown Cushion PDF Pattern
I also saw that she had written a book, Storyland Cross Stitch, and ordered that as well.  Completely inspired and impressed with this book.  

So then I decided I wanted to do a fun little gift for family and friends of mine, something that would come together quickly, and be unique to the recipient.  I decided on following the letter patterns found in the Storyland Cross Stitch book.  The letters are small and I wanted to make them a bit bigger.  I decided to stitch them on burlap and stitch my "X" to cover 4 squares instead of 1.  It worked out beautifully.  I also followed the example in the book to back each hoop with fabric.

They turned out lovely, were fun to do, and I they seemed to be well received by their recipients.  

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