Friday, January 23, 2015

Reflections on 2014 Goals

I've been hesitating to write this post, and almost skipped sharing a review of my 2014 goals, but though I didn't accomplish many of these goals, I learned a lot from working through this list.  My main take away was that I simply had set too many goals. With 4 kids and a bustling home life, I simply don't have the time I used to have to focus on tasks that are not right in front of me.  That is just the stage that I'm in right now and it was good for me to see that my main focus is and should be on my family and family life.  I have less room for goals, so I must choose those carefully and prayerfully.

 I think 36 goals would be great for a list of fun projects or outings that could be accomplished easily in an afternoon or an evening, but not for goals that take a portion of the year to complete.  I also had quite a few goals that were habit development goals.  As I was working through this list I knew I just had to let some of them go.  I also have discovered that I want the option to work on goals that inspire me in the moment.  If I fill my days with New Year's Resolutions, I won't have room for those opportunity that present themselves.  So, my take away was simple and meaningful goals with a little wiggle room for all that life may throw at us.  I'll share more on my goals for 2015 in soon to be shared post.

Below is my report on my goals.  I have crossed off the goals that I have completed or that I have semi-completed.

  • Do A Walk Relay Or Race (No, I looked this one up and almost signed up for it, but none of them fit into my schedule. I almost rearranged Thanksgiving to stay here in Oregon for one of the races, but decided against it.  Definitely something I want to do in the future.)

  • Completely Simplify & Organize Home**  (Yes, I worked a lot on this one and think I'm finally seeing some improvement.  I do have more to go and will be working on this more this year.)

  • Sleep 8 Hours a Night (Yes, I worked hard to get sleep this year, not 8 hours every night, but more then I have been getting.)
  • Get A Facial* (No)
  • Take An Online Scrapbook Class* (Yes)
  • Sit Ups & Push Ups Every Morning (No)
  • Catch Up On Scrapbooking (No, not even a little bit.)
  • Finish Decorating The Kid's Rooms (Yes, all the kids rooms are decorated.)
  • Baby's room here, girl's room here, boy's room I still need to post.

  • Document Steve's & My Story* (No)
  • Write Everyday (No, but I did make an effort to write more.)
  • Finish 35 Meals** (No)
  • Go Kayaking* (No)
  • Go On A Road Trip* (No)
  • Hike Multnomah Falls (No)
  • Finish The Bible (Yes, finished it!)

  • Document This List* (No)
  • Eat At A New Restaurant In Portland* (Yes, we ate at the Screen Door, so good!)
  • Plan Fun Outings With Family* (Yes)
  • Knit Something For Each Of The Kids* (I worked on these.)
  • Walk Everyday* (No)
  • Only Check Internet In The Mornings & Evenings (Yes, I worked on this, but far from perfect.)
  • Read The Book Of Mormon With Isabelle (Yes)
  • Organize DVDs** (Yes, I actually finished this in January)
  • Go Horseback Riding* (No)
  • Do Evening Chats With The Kids* (Yes, 
  • Clean Downstairs Sofa** (Yes)
  • Sign All Kids Up For Soccer (Yes)
  • Hike With Family To Pittock Mansion* (Yes, so fun!)

  • Take Kids Out To A Movie* (Yes, Into the Woods in December)
  • Swim In The Ocean* (No)
  • Start Crafting With the Kids Once a Week* (Yes, but decided to stop doing these weekly.)  Find the post here.

  • Go Out With Friends Once A Month* (Yes, but not once a month, maybe 6-7 times.)
  • Scrapbook 15 Minutes A Day* (No)
  • Start an Incentive Program With The Kids** (Yes)
  • Visit Dermatologist (No)
  • 2 Weekends Away With Steve* (Yes and no, we did one weekend away.)

  • So that was my year in goals.  I'm excited to post my new year's goals here soon!

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