Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015 Goals

I'm finally getting around to sharing my 2015 goals with all of you.  I started on this list last year and have been busy finalizing it this last month.  Better late then never.  After sharing my thoughts on my 2014 goals in this post, I have worked hard to decide on my 2015 goals in a thoughtful, prayerful way.

I started by dividing my life into a few categories.  Being a wife and mother is at the top of the list. There are so many things that I would love to do with my husband and kids but these were the ones that I really wanted to focus on this year, hopefully creating and making them habits in our daily lives.  My personal goals this year have a lot to do with personal study, especially scriptural and spiritual study, something that I would like to improve upon this year.  Simplifying and scheduling are two other areas I would like to make sure I progress in.  Each of these goals have been considered thoroughly and I know that they fit into life right now and will help me worked towards where I want myself and my family to be in the coming year.

Read together
Monthly hikes
Monthly temple trips

Set up email & blogs for older kids
Password protect computer
Evening chats with kids
Support kids in our incentive program
Read aloud to the kids 5 days a week

Daily Personal Goal 
Scripture Study 10-60 minutes a day
Read 10 pages from nonfiction day
Read Ensign each month
Line a day journal and C. S. Lewis a day

Finish organizing and simplifying each room in our home
Come up with a concrete plan to limit items that enter home
Minimize wardrobe for myself and kids
Help Steve organize his stuff

Morning and evening routines in place
Check planner for the next day each evening before bed
Follow weekly days of the week schedule
Have weekly review each week
Weekly meal plan and prepare day

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