Saturday, February 7, 2015

Right Now



These last couple months have been busy.  Christmas celebrations, lots of house guests, visits to my grandma while she stayed in the hospital, and the daily hustle and bustle of life have kept us moving right along.

Right now … my 2 year old is keeping me on my toes.  He can climb out of his crib and open and unlock every and all doors.  I can't contain him and he isn't wanting to obey.  Any advice for these adventurous kiddos in our life that we are just trying to keep safe?

Right now … I just heard about Harper Lee's new book coming out later this year.  I'm preordering it now.  For someone who absolutely adored To Kill a Mockingbird, I am so completely excited!

Right now … finding my motivation to get things done and move forward with my goals this year.  With all that has been going on, goals have falling to the sidelines, but I'm finally ready to put them back to center stage.

Right now … we are finishing up wrestling.  Very proud of my oldest boy for sticking it out and doing something that was completely out of his comfort zone.  I'm proud of him for showing up and doing well.

Right now … it has been raining here.  I've been caught in it a few times, loading groceries, taking kids to friend's homes, packing up donation items.

Right now … I'm reading.  I have a stack from our library, a lot of hard to get titles that I know will be due back in three weeks.  No renewals on these books, so I'm trying to dedicate time to get through them.  Love this excuse to read more.  I just finished The Distant Hours and am starting The Shadow of the Bear.

Right now …  thinking about my grandma.  It was so good to share my thoughts on her earlier this week.

Right now … I'm trying to keep my dry skin happy, it has such a hard time during the winter months.  I'm loving Argan oil and Rosehip seed oil for a moisturizing my face.

Right now … I'm watching Downton Abbey on since our TV doesn't pick up channels anymore.  It is a bit too dramatic for me this season, to much intense drama going on.  Wishing for more quiet, real life story lines, marriages that aren't surrounded by hints of murder and infidelity.  Friendships where secrets and blackmail aren't involved.  I do still enjoy it, love all the characters and am definitely invested in watching each week.

Right now … I'm enjoying quiet days, after a season of busy.  I'm realizing I need these times, sprinkled throughout he year, to rejuvenate and refocus.  Life with its ebbs and flows, it busy and its not as busy (sometimes slow, but not often), its highs and lows.  Moving right along.

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