Friday, February 13, 2015

Whimsical Cross Stitch Designs For My Studio

I'm loving cross stitching.  I think you may be seeing a lot more of this on the blog in the following weeks, months, years. Stitching up these patterns have been so fun.  I have a collection of three, all found in this book.  I did a blog post about this lovely book here.

I used a light cream burlap with gold thread.  I modified the stitches to cover 4 squares instead of one.  I also had to shorten the arrow pattern so the arrows would fit in the hoop.  When I started stitching, I worried that the gold wouldn't show up well on the pattern, but I'm loving the result.  Subtle, shimmering, neutral, and cross stitched.  I perfect combination.

I have this idea to do a collection of these fun cross stitch items in my studio, just a gallery wall of gold and white, texture and stitches.  Write now they make a pretty collection, just with the three of them together.

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