Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Comes Early



Outside my window...Spring has sprung.  Loving my pink blossomed trees and my bright green grass.  This winter and spring have been so sunny and warm.

In the kitchen...planning a new spring and summer menu.  Making up a new monthly menu and grocery list that we will repeat for the next few months.  This plan worked really well for our fall and winter menu.  

I am wearing...Still wearing jeans and sweaters mostly.  Slippers inside, boots outside.  I bought a new pair of boots, my old favorites were worn out.  I'm looking forward to skirts and summer dresses in the next couple months.

I am creating...Most of my creativity lately is going into cleaning, organizing, and decluttering my home.  I feel like the more I can let go of, the more I open my home and let it breath.  My goal is to have a home and a schedule that allows for a tidy home and room in our schedule to play, connect, and relax.

I am going...on a few errands around town.  With all this focus on home, I need to shop for a couple things.  I'm trying to keep my list of items super simple and minimal.  I don't want to fill our home with items we don't need, just replace and purchase things that make sense, opting to do without in most situations.

I am reading...The Secret Garden and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with the kids. Outlander for myself.  

I am looking forward to...Spring Break.  I just want to relax and play with my family, take a real week off from my work (as much as you can as a mom) and enjoy my family.  

Around the house...I have been working on scrubbing walls and baseboards and touching up paint.  Not my favorite household chores by fair, but so gratifying to complete.
I am watching...I haven't watch a lot lately, but last night I just started the last season of Parenthood.  

A few plans for the rest of the week:  The kids have a day off of school this week, we have a bunch of friends coming over to play, a campout coming up, a birthday outing for a dear friend, and more cleaning and organizing to be done.

Just a peek into my days.

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