Monday, April 27, 2015

It All Started With A Fox

I found this pattern when I was searching for a fox cross stitch for my baby's second birthday.  I wanted a fox theme and I was itching to start a cross stitch projects.  I found this pattern and fell down the rabbit hole of modern cross stitch design and have been pretty obsessed with it the last few months.

I stitched this fox on burlap and just chose my DMC colors, ones that looked good to me.  I stitched it over 4 squares to get a larger stitch and stitched with a full strand of 6-ply  DMC floss.  (I didn't seperate the floss.)  It came together quickly and was such a satisfying project.

I finished it with a fun orange fabric that I had on hand (from Ikea) and loved how it all came together to cover the messy stitching.  

I did use it as part of the decor for my little guys birthday (though I hadn't finished it off) and loved the handmade touch it added.

The pattern is found in the Storyland Cross Stitch  book that I first talked about here.  I absolutely love all of the patterns in this book.  I also followed her instructions to finish off the back of the hoop.


It now lives in my baby's room and makes me smile every time I see it.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Parenting Books

A few months ago I was part of  a book group where we discussed the book Deliberate Motherhood.  Great book and a great discussion with some wonderful moms.  Before our last group meeting I collected parenting book recommendations from all the other moms in the group and created the list below.  I was so inspired by all of these book recommendations coming from amazing moms that I respect.  I thought I would share this list on the blog.  I would love to hear if you have read any of these and if you have any other great parenting books you would recommend.   

General Parenting Books

Creative Parenting Books

Educational Parenting Books

Monday, April 20, 2015


My Christmas gift this last year was a loom.  I purchased this handmade one from Wood Creek Looms and was not disappointed with the quality and the character of this piece.  I opted on purchasing the larger loom and now wish I could have the smaller loom as well.  Perhaps someday.  I spent a couple of glorious days weaving.  So addicting, relaxing, and enjoyable.  I followed this amazing tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.  I have been following along as Rachel from Smile and Wave as she put together weaving after weaving and has shared them on her blog and instagram account.  Here are a few of her latest creations.

I grabbed a few of my favorite colors and just started putting them into a pattern.  I wanted something organic with lots of white and some color.  I had worked quite a bit of the weaving before I realized that it was going a bit wonky on the edges, pulling in towards the center.  I'm curious if a smaller piece would do this less.  I was also frustrated with the colors.  I decided to pull it all out and go with neutral colors, focusing more on texture.  

I added some bulky yarn, some thin yarn, some fun ribbon and lace, and some torn fabric strips.  This is when it became really fun.  I wasn't worried as much about pattern as I was about just layering the different materials and focusing on not pulling in on the sides.  It still pulled in a bit, but I was able to pull it to even it out after I took it off the loom.    

I really loved how it turned out.  It is raw, textured, imperfect, and perfectly neutral.  I've been wanting to work on another weaving, something smaller and with color.  Such a fun new hobby to start.  I debated, should I or shouldn't I start something new, but this was definitely a perfect fit for something new and fun.  I keep you posted on my future adventures in weaving.