Monday, April 27, 2015

It All Started With A Fox

I found this pattern when I was searching for a fox cross stitch for my baby's second birthday.  I wanted a fox theme and I was itching to start a cross stitch projects.  I found this pattern and fell down the rabbit hole of modern cross stitch design and have been pretty obsessed with it the last few months.

I stitched this fox on burlap and just chose my DMC colors, ones that looked good to me.  I stitched it over 4 squares to get a larger stitch and stitched with a full strand of 6-ply  DMC floss.  (I didn't seperate the floss.)  It came together quickly and was such a satisfying project.

I finished it with a fun orange fabric that I had on hand (from Ikea) and loved how it all came together to cover the messy stitching.  

I did use it as part of the decor for my little guys birthday (though I hadn't finished it off) and loved the handmade touch it added.

The pattern is found in the Storyland Cross Stitch  book that I first talked about here.  I absolutely love all of the patterns in this book.  I also followed her instructions to finish off the back of the hoop.


It now lives in my baby's room and makes me smile every time I see it.  

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