Sunday, March 15, 2015

Book Report || March 2015

Cinder by Marissa Meyer
This was such a fun read. A futuristic take on Cinderella.  My good friend has kept up with this series and recommends the next few books, making it very exciting to continue with these fun reads.

At Home With Madame Chic by Jennifer Scott
I read her first book last year and have kept up with her youtube videos this past year.  Lots of fun tips and tricks for having a intentional home life.  I found a lot of repeat information from her first book but enjoyed the additional focus on home and her philosophy on intentional, simple living.

Shadow of the Bear by Regina Doman
This was a modern day retelling of the the Grimm Fairy Tale Snow White and Red Rose.  Set in New York City, these two sisters meet a mysterious young man that changes their lives forever.  A fun, wholesome, young adult read.  Not a lot of meat, but a sweet story.  She has a whole series of these fairy tale retellings that I'm excited to read, especially since starting the Fairy Tale Project this year. 

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling
This is only my second time reading this novel and the first time reading it with my oldest. Such a treat to read it with him and such a delightful read.  This fifth book in the Harry Potter series is certainly where the story of Harry Potter moves from children's literature to literature. It had been long enough since my first reading that I didn't remember all the details, so it was almost as surprising and fun as reading it for the first time.  So fun to share this story with my kids.

Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Rein
Such a heartbreaking story, but one of redemption, sacrifice, and love.  Set in World War II, Rose an 18 year old American pilot, finds herself captured by Germany and sent to Ravensport a women's concentration camp.  A compelling realistic page turner.  An amazing sequel to her first novel. 

Days of the Living Christ by Cleon Skousen
I love how Skousen can explain history in such an easy and simplistic way.  This was Volume 1 of his two volume series on Christ.  So interesting to read about the life of Christ.  Skousen presents the history of Christ in chronological order, which put the stories and teaching of Christ into context for me. 

We have been forging ahead with our Fairy Tale Project and are reading Rumpelstiltskin books this month. We will be posting about those books at the end of the month.

I'm now reading The Secret Garden and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with the kids.  On my own I'm in the middle of Outlander and Fangirl.

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