Sunday, May 31, 2015

Office Tour

This "room" actually sits in the corner of our basement.  I don't spend nearly enough time here, or not  as I would like, but when I do, it works quite well to house all my craftiness/office/home management items in one location.  I can spread out and get a lot completed.  

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Reading Promise Review

I read this book a couple months ago and shared it on my January Book Report list and promised to share a more extensive review.  

I absolutely adored this book.  I actually checked out the book on CD and listened to it and would completely recommend doing the same.  The author, Alice Ozma, reads the text and is a complete delight to listen to.   Each chapter begins with a quote from a different read aloud book.  Alice's father also is part of the audio, and reads these quotes at the beginning of each chapter. This is a story of the power of reading aloud.  Alice and her father began a reading streak that they believed would last 100 days, but to their delight it ended up lasting much longer.  Alice's father read aloud to her every night from junior high until Alice left for college, over 3,000 nights.  

Alice's father was compelled to begin the streak after he noticed that Alice's older sister had lost interest being read aloud to.  He wanted it to last a bit longer with his younger daughter and came up with the concept of what they affectionately called "the streak."  

So many tender moments shared in this story.  It is a story of parenthood, love, relationships, and family.  It pulls at your heartstrings.  It was so engaging to follow Ozma through stories of her life,  through the ups and downs, and seeing how books were woven throughout her growing up years.

I loved how Ozma references so many favorite books.  I so enjoyed the quotes and the stories of how her father used books to teach and influence his daughter, molding her into a strong, intelligent woman.

Ozma ends with sharing her thoughts on the or words, books, and libraries.  This story was truly inspirational, to all of us who love books.  As a parent I'm so inspired to keep reading to my children.  I highly recommend this book to all the booklovers out there.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Boy's Room

Just sharing this room tour with you today.  My two older boys share this room, the largest room in the house, shaped like an L.  It is perfect for them.  Lots of room to spread out and play.



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Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Portland Temple

"The temple is a point of intersection between heaven and earth. In this sacred place, holy work will be performed through selfless service and love. The temple reminds me of all that is good and beautiful in the world."
—David A. Bednar

We went up to the Portland Temple a few weeks ago and watch the movie "Meet the Mormons" at the Portland Visitor's Center.  So good if you haven't seen it yet.   After we saw the movie we walked around the temple grounds.  Since it was a Monday night, the temple was closed, and we were able to enjoy a quiet walk around the ground.  Such a wonderful, peaceful place to be with the ones I love most.  I love living so close to this sacred place.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wire & Yarn Word Art

I've been wanting to play with wire and yarn to make some fun word art for awhile now.  I've pinned a few ideas in pinterest, check out my board here.  Steve gave me a weekend away for Mother's Day and I took advantage of a day to myself to make this little happy hello word art.


I worked this heavy duty copper wire into this cursive hello using a couple wire tools I had leftover from my jewelry making days.  Then I started to twist the yarn.  I actually used this thick, creamy yarn that i just love.  It is the same yarn I used to make my favorite handmade wreath I made last year.

I just followed the shape of the letters, tying it off at the beginning and the end, and backtracking when I needed to.  Where the wire overlaps itself, I just wrapped the wire together as one.

It came together quickly and was such a fun and rewarding project. 


Now it lives in my entryway and makes me happy everytime I pass by.  A quirky little handmade hello, welcoming all who come to our home.

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